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It’s a gist of all time and I am sure you have never heard this anywhere before. Something good is cooking (To Gbono FeliFeli) and it will soon come to limelight . So tell somebody to tell somebody to tell both their friends and enemies that Family Booster Ministry is taking The Special Annual Lagos […]

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Types Of Maturity in Marriage

                                                       Bisi Adewale        Maturity does not just base on age or physical appearances, it involves a lot of things; namely Physical maturity. Anybody that wants to get marry must NOT be a teenagers, he or she must be mature physically. Marriage is neither a crèche nor a day care, it is a place of […]

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Save your sight by eating right

By Mary Jacobs Save your sight by eating right-If you want to see all the colors of the rainbow, try eating in living color. That’s the word from a growing body of research that suggests a diet rich in key nutrients will help keep your vision sharp, according to Caroline Susie, employee wellness manager with […]

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Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying Land

Land is the basis of real estate investment and buying, keeping and selling vacant land is one of the most profitable investments that you can make. If your location is right and you buy at the right price getting a hundred per cent return on your investment within five to seven years is not unusual. […]

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Gay No More: The Story of Michael Glatze

  Gay No More: The Story of Michael Glatze-I Am Michael centers on Michael Glatze, a prominent gay activist who found Christ and renounced his homosexuality. Director Justin Kelly and star James Franco discuss his journey. Michael Glatze seemed quite sure of himself.   He was serving as the managing editor of XY magazine, a […]

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Singles,Don’t Obsess About Finding the Right One

by MELANY ETHRIDGE The paradox at the heart of Andy Stanley’s book, The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating, is this: Instead of obsessively looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, it’s best to concentrate on “becoming the right person,” which will help prepare you for a successful, long-term relationship. In fact, Stanley writes, the idea that […]

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What You Need to Know About This Severe Flu Season

by LORIE JOHNSON/CBN NEWS MEDICAL REPORTER What You Need to Know About This Severe Flu Season-This year’s flu season could be severe, according to the Centers for Disease Control, so we should all do what we can to avoid getting it. If, however, you fall victim to the flu, it’s important to contact your doctor […]

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8 Women Christian Men Should Never Marry

Have you prayerfully considered these characteristics when choosing a potential marriage partner? (iStock) Editor’s Note: 2014 was a big year in the church—and in the world. This week we’re looking at some of the biggest stories of the year, selected based on feedback from our readers. Thanks for reading Charisma News this year and stay […]

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