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Apparently, ‘Virginity’ Is Not Acceptable at This Public School

Chloe Rubiano was told she couldn’t wear her “Virginity Rocks” T-shirt at school because it could cause a distraction. (Fox News) Virginity does not rock at Ramay Junior High School in Fayetteville, Arkansas. That’s the lesson 13-year-old Chloe Rubiano learned. Chloe is in the eighth grade. She is also a good church-going girl. So you […]

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11 Excuses That Are Stopping You From Getting Married

Since I am a professional matchmaker, single people are always telling me that theyreally want to get married. It is then my job to figure out if they really want marriage or if they are just saying that. When a person really wants to get married, they behave a certain way and think about things properly. They don’t make excuses […]

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Why You Must Not Marry An Unbeliever

There are lots of Christian singles now that have decided to marry unbelievers irrespective of the implications while some complain they are becoming too old” and tired of waiting any more, some say they will just go for anyone that comes their way. Furthermore, such singles argue that nothing is wrong with such unions provided […]

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