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Four Women In Marriage

Bisi Adewale  • MAMA CHEERFUL Positive side. Cheerful, greets all, generous, accommodating, loving, makes promises, can easily ask for forgiveness and never short of words. Negative side. Talkative, can lie, exaggerate, cannot keep promise, always wants to be known in society, doesn’t fulfill promises and forgetful. • MAMA COMMANDER Positive side. Bold, goal-getter, wants to […]

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Understanding Differences In Marriage

Bisi Adewale Marriage is a relationship between differences that must be brought together into an intimate unit. In this teaching we want to study different types of differences in marriage and how to manage them so as not to allow them to damage our marriage. Background Differences. This may involve family, religious, social, environmental, and […]

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20 Reasons Why You Must Be A Member Of Familyparliament Forum

Here, I want to tell you 20 reasons why you must be a member of forum. 1) is Africa’s Number One Family forum 2) You get to know about job vacancies 3) You get FREE Books(only members enjoys this) 4) You become a parliamentarian Click here to become a member: 5) You […]

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Maximizing Your Relationship With Others.

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Prov. 27:17 There’re some set of people whose relationship can either make or break your relationship, depending on how you relate with them. They are: Your family. Handle your family with love and care but don’t love them more than your spouse. Don’t […]

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Science has found the best strategy for improving your sleep

By Kevin Loria Science has found the best strategy for improving your sleep-Many of the more than 30% of Americans and people around the world who suffer from insomniawould do almost anything to sleep better. That’s why there’s a huge market for sleeping pills like Ambien and Lunesta, along with a whole wall at your […]

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Living Beneath Your Means: The Foundation of Financial Independence

Living Beneath Your Means: The Foundation of Financial Independence-The whole concept of living beneath your means is so simple that it’s virtually “old school”. There’s nothing high-minded about it, and no product to sell to help make it happen. For that reason, it’s a concept that is generally ignored in favor of more technical financial […]

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Your guide to preventing asthma

By Naomi Sharang and Jacinta Nwachukwu (NAN) Your guide to preventing asthma -Medical experts describe bronchial asthma as a disease that makes breathing difficult. According to them, the symptoms of the disease include inflammation of the air passages which result in a temporary narrowing of the airway that carries oxygen to the lungs. They also […]

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