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If You’re Not a Good Husband, Can You Be a Good Pastor?

That statement is a sobering one for me. It’s one that all pastors and church leaders need to hear. There’s a real temptation in ministry (at least for me), to spend my time ministering to those outside my home to the detriment of ministering to those inside my home. If we allow our congregations’ needs to dictate our schedules, neglecting […]

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Katy Perry and Why Pastors’ Kids Fall Away

Katy Perry is currently the highest-profile pastor’s kid (PK) that has walked away from her faith. In a recent interview, she said she is no longer a Christian and doesn’t believe in heaven, hell or “an old man sitting on a throne.” Perry represents a host of PKs who have struggled with their faith. Recent stats from […]

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How You Can Stop God’s Call on Your Husband’s Life

DIANA HAGEE Recently my husband, John Hagee, surveyed the women of our church and asked the question, “What do women want in a man?” Character traits such as faithfulness, honesty, respect and good communication all figured prominently in their responses. So did romance, a good sense of humor and an ability to be a good […]

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Working Alongside Your Spouse

Wisdom from couples who partner outside the home DeAnna Ackerman God created the first couple to be “united into one” and placed them in Eden, where they ruled over the animals and took care of the garden. They lived a seamless life, where work and home were intertwined, not separate. By God’s design, their home […]

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