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He Broke My Heart Through Social Media

He Broke My Heart Through Social Media-Have you ever gotten blindsided by a friend’s blog? You know, you think everything is going fine based on your face to face interaction, then find them in their Facebook/Twitter/LiveJournal openly longing for your violent death? That’s a strange side effect of sites like Facebook, where people reveal to […]

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Dangerous Signal in Courtship : He Beats You In Courtship

Every woman wants to be nurtured and cared for by the man she loves. However, when a man, during courtship, who supposedly professed his love for you, but expressed his anger by hitting or beating you; definitely he is not the best for you. Any beating that starts in courtship will mostly continue after wedding. […]

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18-yr-old girl dies of abortion as Police nab lover, quack nurse –

BY DAYO JOHNSON AKURE — DETECTIVES in Ondo State have arrested  a quark nurse over the death of an 18-year-old girl, Omolayo Afolabi, who she helped to terminate a two-month pregnancy in Iju/Itaogbolu area of the state. Also arrested by the police is Joseph Endurance, the deceased lover said to have been responsible for her […]

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How To Handle Masturbation

Masturbation is the act of using one’s hand or an’ instrument specially made for that purpose (masturbator) or any other object to stimulate ones sexual organs to derive sexual enjoyment. Masturbation always involves sexual fantasy and self-stimulation of sexual organs, motivated by sex films, pornographic materials or setting of one’s mind on past sinful sexual […]

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