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During the Rapha Healthy Living Institute’s last session we met with a bre*st CANCER SURVIVOR. What medicine (drugs) couldn’t do for her, just a change of diet and lifestyle did even more. She spoke with so much emotion and she couldn’t help but use something to stop the tears.
Her name is Mrs Evelyn Okolo, she used to be into Security Consulting but now an Healthy Living Ambassador. After she attended the first module, she became totally free from cancer of the bre*st that has gulped millions of naira from her family.


FP: Good day Ma, how did you get to know about the school?
Mrs Okolo: it is actually a very long story but I will summarize it. Year 2010 I was pregnant and later diagnosed of bre*st Cancer. I travelled to India for surgery and after I stayed for some time receiving treatment, I was certified cancer free so I came back home. In 2012 around February, I started feeling serious pains again but this time in just some few days it became highly unbearable that I couldn’t lift myself from the bed. Pains everywhere and I couldn’t do anything on my own. I went for another test and I was told it is bre*st cancer again, I was down because of the amount we spent earlier and the fact that it’s back. I called my Doctor in India and he said I needed to come for another procedure. It was in the middle of all these that somebody introduced me to healthy living and he gave me Halleluyah Diet’s site that I should go there and follow what they will recommend. I went there, filled in my details and I started the journey of smoothie and juice(purely fruits and vegetables). Within 2-3weeks of doing that, I was relieved of the pains and I could stand so at this point I felt this is just it. The woman called me again and said since I am in Lagos I should attend a school and she introduced this school to me. Before that session started, I visited Rev Tony and he further helped out on my diet before I came to attend the school.
Since 2012, I have not visited any hospital, I live majorly on fruits, vegetables, I do my exercise and this has affected my family positively. Once I say we are not taking something again in the house that is it. Even my daughter now hates milk and they don’t take junks to school again so I provided alternatives to all these.
In all I will say I am alive through the grace of God because some of the people I introduced this to but couldn’t change their lifestyle are dead.

FP: Are you not here because you are wealthy, some would have loved to attend but they are financially constrained?
Mrs Okolo: It is not everything that is money but determination to live. I know a very wealthy woman in my area that had the same health issue and I introduced this lifestyle to her, she waved it off because she wasn’t ready to change and after some months she passed on.
I will say it’s will power and determination. I spent millions of naira on the orthodox that didn’t produce any result but this hasn’t taken anything from me-it is just lifestyle change, diet(right food) and exercise.
I pulled through because I trusted God in all as well because I remember that woman will always call me to ask if I have prayed and taken my meal when I was supposed to take it. It is not money.

FP: What will be your advice to people out there?
Mrs Okolo: I will say if there is anything you want to do, just be determined and put your mind to it. This is not a hard routine but a healthy one that will take little to nothing from you. When you eat right you don’t even need cream, I can tell you I don’t know when last I really rub cream on my skin.
Again you don’t need to be sick before you start living well.

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