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Four Women In Marriage

Bisi Adewale 

Positive side. Cheerful, greets all, generous, accommodating, loving, makes promises, can easily ask for forgiveness and never short of words.
Negative side. Talkative, can lie, exaggerate, cannot keep promise, always wants to be known in society, doesn’t fulfill promises and forgetful.
Positive side. Bold, goal-getter, wants to do what men are doing, fearless, wants to move the husband by all means, wants quick action, hardly cries, an achiever, not easily discouraged. 
Negative side. Can be nagging, can seek to dominate the husband, can be quarrelsome, wants things done on her own ways, and wants to push people.
Positive side: Quiet, peaceful, loving, thoughtful, attention to detail, analytical and a good planner.
Negative side. Slow, procrastinates, fails to take step in life, can harbor bitterness and resentment, hardly forgives, and refers to old hurts, fearful and lazy, always afraid of what people will say.
Positive Side: Detailed, neat house, will set kitchen, neat children, clean bathroom and toilet, will iron clothes, will set dinning table, last to go to bed, first to wake up, hardly makes mistake, good planner, hardworking.
Negative Side: Difficult to please, rigid, hate people to make mistakes around her. 
Other differences
Apart from major differences that can be seen in every marriage, we can also see some other differences, which can be:
– Emotional differences
– Financial differences 
– Sleeping differences (some love to go to bed early and wake up early and while others may like to go to bed late and wake up late
– Training differences: Sour training can affect the way we handle things, hence it can also affect our marriage.
These and other differences in marriage must not be allowed to destroy our marriage but to make our marriage better. Hence, we need patience, prayer and maturity to make our marriage work.

About the author

Bisi Adewale is an international conference speaker on marriage and family life, the author of these best selling books: Secrets of an Irresistible Wife, Hot and Sizzling Marriage, 20 Highways to a successful Marriage, Before you say I Do, and more than 60 other best selling books on marriage and family life. He is the president of Family Booster Ministry and College of Marital Success (CMS) (Africa’s Premier Marriage Institute), Host of Family Booster Moments on TV, watched in many countries across the globe. He also hosts the popular Lagos Couples’ Conference and breakthrough for singles’ summit.

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