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Divine Lordship And Human Leadership Births Divine Purpose


Rev. Olusola Areogun

Psalms 115:13-16


God always recognizes and works through leadership. God in heaven operates Lordship, and then He puts a man on the earth to operate leadership. Lordship plus leadership equals divine plan. Whether in a family, a nation or in a church, divine lordship alone cannot accomplish God’s purpose on the earth neither can human leadership alone accomplish divine purpose.

Some nations are prosperous and reflect the picture of God’s goodness because they have good leaders, and then some nations reflect a picture that asks “Is God really good?” or “is God really in charge?” When you look at the nations that reflect God’s goodness, you’ll see that they are usually in alignment with the divine programme of prosperity and blessing for everybody regardless of race or tribe, and you’ll notice that nations that portrays the kind of negative question of whether God is in charge all have the problem of bad leadership!

The leadership level you occupy determines the degree of divine purpose that is accomplishable through you on the earth, whether it is in your family, your workplace, your church, a nation or generation. Every nation has a destiny to be great but the leadership determines how great the nation becomes! Divine Lordship has not sentenced any group of human beings to mediocrity. No! God made all of us from the same material and of five different colours – black, white, brown, yellow and red – but equally.

The difference is the quality of leadership in each race! The colour of a man does not make him better but the leadership he is subjected to. The quality of leadership determines the manifestation or subjugation of the potentials of any group of people and that is why we must pray for good leaders to rise up for our country; great leaders that will maximize all our potentials.

Prayer:  Lord, I pray for this nation (mention your home country and country of residence) that you will bless us with good leaders; men after your heart who are ready to birth forth your purpose for this land in Jesus name, amen.


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