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Sharing Housework Leads to More Sex

Research shows that couples who split the housework fairly are the happiest between the sheets. They have the most sex, are the most satisfied with their sex lives, and express the highest level of sexual intimacy.

Sharing Housework Leads to More Sex-Sharing housework is something that many Nigerian men may not like to participate in.

This is because a good number of our men are brought up with domestic help and some grow up in homes where the female children are made to feel responsible for the housework.

Many women end up becoming tired and exhausted when married to men who don’t even want to help out with house chores. Its now wonder that such men end up complaining when their wives are not interested in their sexual advances.

Now this new study should bring a smile to any overworked wife and/or mother. According to this study from researchers at Cornell University and Georgia State University, couples who share household chores equally report the highest quality sex lives.

The study found that spouses who split work around the house have the most sex, are most satisfied with their frequency of lovemaking, and report the highest quality sex lives.

“If we just look around our culture right now, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that men are turned on by strong, independent women and that women are turned on by men who show a great deal of love and affection and attention to their children and who help out around the house,” Dan Carlson, the lead author of the study and an assistant professor of sociology at Georgia State University, told

The study is based on the results of the 2006 Marital and Relationships Survey of about 600 couples. Almost 90 percent were married, while the rest were living together. The couples had moderate-to-low income and 55 percent had at least some university education. All of them had at least one child living with them.

“Everybody wants a great sex life and everybody wants to be in love with their partner,” said Carlson. “So to have a really strong, high quality relationship, I think our results demonstrate that egalitarianism is the most conducive to that.”


“The conventional view, based on data that’s a quarter century old, is that sexual arousal for heterosexual couples is dependent traditional gender roles, on a man being manly and a woman being feminine,” said Carlson.


“But given the changes in attitudes over time and what people want, we weren’t so sure that conventional gender behavior was the only thing that turns people on anymore.”

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