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Ladies STOP Choosing Men Base on the place they are working.

Bisi Adewale.
A whole lots of Ladies do choose who to marry base on the place the guy is working,if you try to talk a lady and you are working in a Nursery and Primary school you will hear the story of your life.
Ladies,that a guy work in a nice place does not mean he is the best for you,LIFE IS MORE THAN BREAD AND BUTTER. You need to be careful,MATERIAL THINGS MAY BE IMMATERIAL ON THE LONG RUN.

NOTE THIS!!!!!!!
He may be Working in a BANK,but Can you BANK on him

He may be working in GUARANTEE TRUST BANK and may not GUARANTEE your peace in future.

He may be working in GLO and give you many BLOWS in future.

He may be work in FIRST BANK and make you LAST in his life.

He may be working in SHELL Petroleum and puts your destiny in a SHELL.

He may be working in FIDELITY BANK and be full of INFIDELITY

He may be working in KEYSTONE and take the KEY of the home and STONE you.

He may be working in NESTLE and not allow your life to SETTLE.

He may work in CADBURY and CANDIDLY BURY your future.

May be working in ACCESS BANK and you can not have ACCESS into his heart.

He may be working in UNION bank he may not be in UNION with you.

May Be working in UNITY BANK but turn to be your ADVERSITY

He may be working in DIAMOND BANK but treat you like a TRASH

He may be working if CHEVRON and put your SELF ESTEEM ON THE RUN.

He may be working in FIRST CITY MONUMENT BANK and treat you as the VILAGE LAST PROPERTY

He may be working in ZENITH BANK and take you to ZERO level

It is not about where they are WORKING but who is WORKING IN THEM

It is not about OIL COMPANY it is about GOD’S COMPANY

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