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6 Ways To Avoid Getting Killed In A Bank Robbery In Lagos

Editor’s Note: Lagos is the commercial center of Nigeria. All the banks and financial institutions in Nigeria have their head office in this city. This city also has hundreds of bank branches operating in different parts of Lagos.  But there has been a a recent surge of deadly bank robberies with customers getting killed.

Statistics shows that an average Lagosians spend about 30 to one hour in a banking hall for transactions. On a bad day, one can find himself in a banking during robbery operation. What will you do If you are confronted with the barrel of a gun by dare-devils armed robbers in a banking hall?

Here are some tips to help you avoid being a victim of bank robbery.

1. Avoid Staying too Long In a Banking Hall: Timing is of essence in a banking hall. Staying in the premises of a bank long after your transaction is done can be dangerous. Loitering ca expose you to danger when you socialize unnecessarily in the banking hall. As soon as your are done with your transaction leave the premises immediately.

2.Avoid Withdrawing Large Cash: Withdrawing large amount of money can make you a victim of armed robbery. You can also be followed out of the banking hall and could be mugged. To avoid carrying large cash, which many traders do, avail yourself of the cashless policy and do transaction with your credit card and online banking.

3. Use ATM Machine for Withdrawals: Using your credit card can make you avoid frequent and unnecessary visits to the bank.

4. Be Suspicious of the Next Customer: The banking hall is like a market place. Anybody can visit the bank but the real intention is what nobody knows. So be wary of the next customer.

5. Do Not Reach For your Mobile Phone: Do not try to reach for your phone if you are in a banking hall during operation. The robbers may think you are trying to get in touch with the police or trying to get a gun. They will not hesitate to shot you. So raise your two hands up in surrender mode. Keep your hands withing site.

6. Do As You Are Told: Having done all of the above, you may still be unlucky to visit the bank on your bad day. Not to worry, armed robbers are not ghost. They are human beings like you and I. So when you find yourself face-to-face with the barrel of a gun, do as you are told. Lie face down and do not resist when they ask the age-old question ‘’your money or your life’’. Chose life and have a safe transaction.


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