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16. Ways To Melt The Heart Of Your Husband

Bisi Adewale

Most wives believe that men are tough; their heart is hard and impenetrable. Despite this, there are 16 things every wife can do to melt the heart of her husband. They are:
a. PUBLIC RESPECT: Men, regardless of their race, colour, height or class in the society wants to be respected by their wives even if she is the one feeding them. Topmost among the respect they crave is public affirmation of their authority. They want to be addressed with respect in the presence of their friends, colleagues and onlookers, marking the fact that they are in control in their homes. Stop calling him by his first name; call him: My Lord, M.D, Sweet Heart, and My Love, in the public and at home. Respect his orders, instructions, and opinions and respect his uniqueness. Talk to him with respect and let him know that you do. Any woman that disrespects her husband outside shall have a difficult man to live with.
b. TAKE TO HIS CORRECTIONS: No matter your height or achievement in life, you must be humble enough to obey your husband. Honour him; let him control you. Take to his corrections and don’t be stubborn. Don’t disregard his authority; be teachable and he will greatly love you.
c. LOVE HIS MOTHER: Majority of wives often make the mistake of marrying their husbands only and declaring hot hatred and war on his mother. This is a grave error. You cannot hate his mother and expect him to love you.
d. BE -FASHIONABLE: No man can resist an attractive woman, with good dress sense. Be neat, put on clean, current and fitted attire with a very good colour combination. Stop dressing like an old school woman who is colour blind. Dress like a babe, not like a woman.
e. COOK HIS FOOD: Whosoever controls the mouth of a man controls his heart. This is so; the road to the heart of a man is through the kitchen door. Stop delegating preparation of his meal to housemaids or your siblings. Cook delicious and timely meal food for him.
f. SERVE HIS FOOD: Don’t just cook his food, serve it specially. Don’t assign it to someone else; serve his food in special plates and treat him like a VIP. Treat him like a special guest on the dining table.
g. BUY GIFTS FOR HIM: Contrary to general belief that only men should buy gifts for women, in marriage, men normally appreciate gifts from their wives. Don’t just wait for him to buy gifts for you, buy for him too. Strange women often trade with this secret, even though they will get triple of the amount spent. Wives, wise up!
h. GIVE HIM FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Some men go into extra-marital affairs with women older than them, due to her financial status. This attitude is wrong but it is a pointer to the fact that men also want financial support from the women in their lives. Don’t just be his wife, be his financial supporter
i. SPEND TIME WITH HIM: When a woman become too busy to have time for her husband, she has lost a companion. It takes time to build intimacy; companionship doesn’t happen accidentally, it is a product of time investment. Create time for your husband; value him more than your job because he is your life-time job.
j. APPRECIATE HIM: Appreciation is attaching value or importance to any gifts received or kind deeds from somebody. Every man loves to be appreciated. Don’t see anything done for you by your husband as a right; see it as a privilege and thank him.
k. LISTEN TO HIM: Always give your husband a listening ear whenever he is talking to you. Don’t give room to divided attention while he is talking. Stop the phone conversation, turn away from the soap opera; stop losing your hair just to listen to him. Don’t argue with him. This will excites him and make him love you more.
l. BE FAITHFUL TO HIM: Your beauty and dressing will keep attracting other men to you but do not give in to them. Never permit any other man in your life; do not defile your bed. Stick to your husband alone. He is enough for you.
m. TELL THE CHILDREN, HE IS THE BEST MAN: Keep telling your children to his hearing and when he is not around that he is the best husband and a daddy. That they are privilege to have him as their father. No man hears this and become unhappy. Don’t join the league of women that insult their husbands in the presence of their children.
n. DEVELOP INTEREST IN HIS HOBBY: Some women make the mistake of fighting their husband because of his passion for his hobby. The best way to get a man is through his hobby. If he loves football, fall in love with his club. Love his vision, passion, profession and ministry.
o. MASSAGE HIS BODY: After the day’s work, make it a habit to always massage his body. This will bring him to the state of rest, removing tension, making him homely indeed. With this, he always rushes home after work, having no time to hang out with the boys.
p. ENJOY s*x WITH HIM: There is no way you can get to the heart of your husband if you deny him sex. Release your body to him, satisfy his sexual longings. Don’t let him hunt for s*x outside. Enjoy s*x with him and he makes life enjoyable for you.

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