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18-year-old black woman becomes youngest person ever to qualify as a barrister in Britain

Black woman proves black greatness once again. Gabrielle Turnquest is the youngest qualified barrister in more than 600 years She passed her Graduate Diploma in Law at the tender age of just 17 Miss Turnquest will return to the US to chase her dream of being a fashion lawyer An American teenager has become the […]

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6 Shocking Reasons Why Couples Are Getting Divorced

Most divorced couples have given several shocking reasons for their action.when a study was conducted online. According to Isabella Carson of Healthy Black Woman, when couples are getting divorced most people cite reasons such as cheating or abuse but a recent survey proved otherwise. Here a 6 major reasons participants gave: One man stated that […]

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Every Day Is a New Day

Dr. Joyce Meyer God wants us to have joy in the midst of our ordinary, everyday life, even on the worst days of our life. There were times in my life when I dreaded facing each day. All I could think about was my circumstances, wondering how Dave and I were going to pay the […]

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