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His, Hers or Ours?

Ours, Not Mine In a marriage, there is no “my money” and “your money” or “my debts” and “your debts.” There is only our money and our debts. A couple cannot be one if they separate their lives by separating their finances. God will bring a couple closer if, from the very beginning, they establish […]

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The 2 Most Important Things to Teach Your Child

The earlier children discover they were created on purpose for purpose, the better. Ephesians 2:10 teaches us that we were all created in advance to do good work. Isaiah 43:7 teaches that we were created for God’s glory. When children discover these truths, they’re more willing to invest in themselves and others. When children act upon these truths, they […]

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Ten Ways To Improve Financial Intimacy In Marriage

“Money related issues in marriage can draw a husband and wife closer together.” Following this phrase a laugh typically ensues.  People think someone is obviously trying to humor them by speaking such ridiculous words.  Money brings about intimacy in marriage?  I want to plead with you to accept this premise – all married couples have […]

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5 Keys to Getting Out of Your Spouse’s ‘Dog House’

We’re all guys, so—let’s face it—we all visit “the dog house” on occasion. Getting in there is no mystery; but sometimes we need a little help getting out. This article offers five simple keys to “getting out of the dog house.” Many of us are masters at insensitivity, obstinacy, foot-in-mouth disease, advanced cluelessness, stirring the […]

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