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Man Marries His Stepmother In Odd Wedding Ceremony

An unusual marriage of a stepmother and a stepson took place in a small village of Dabo in Alsace-Lorraine, north-east France.

Elisabeth Lorentz finally tied the knot with her stepson, Eric Holder, after fighting for months with French authorities for the right to marry. Ms Lorentz married Mr Holder’s father in 2003, but they separated three years later. Ms Lorentz told French media her former husband instigated the break up.

“I was not expecting it, it was a shock. I was an adult so I made do. But our daughter who was nine-years-old felt the separation very badly. She cried every day. That’s when Eric was a great support for us and our relationship evolved.”

With Mr Holder and Ms Lorentz’s friendship soon developing into a love affair, it wasn’t long before he proposed. But quickly they ran into trouble with French law, which prohibits all unions between stepchildren and step-parents – even former ones.

Fighting for their love for several months the couple finally obtained the right to marry from a local court in north-east France in June. The ex-husband of the bride, who is also the father of the groom, was to be among the 100 or so guests at the civil and religious ceremonies in Dabo.

“At last, it’s the big day! I simply hope that our story will be useful to other couples in our situation, because I know there are some. Eric’s father, who is also my ex-husband agrees perfectly our history. He has always supported us. Our girls too,” Ms Lorentz said.


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