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Married couples are often asked: “Are you praying together?’ “Are you having sex frequently enough?” “Are you going on date nights? I don’t have a problem with any of these; it’s just that what is often most lacking in such lists is one of the most crucial elements of all: mission. Other more commonly mentioned […]

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Nanny Steals 3 Kids A Day After Being Employed

A nanny employed by a Lagos family has disappeared with three children, 24 hours after she was employed via a website advertisement. The Punch reported that the Orekoya family on Lawanson Road, Surulere, Lagos State employed the nanny on March 7. She disappeared with three children identified as Aderomola, (11 months), Adedamola (4 years) and […]

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A Perfect Heart

Dr. Joyce meyer Time and time again in my life, the Lord has reminded me that He doesn’t look for perfect performance from us, but perfect hearts.  A lot of people think God won’t use them until every area of their life is perfected. That type of thinking keeps people from allowing God to use […]

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