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Ten Types Of People You Would Probably Meet In A Lecture Room

Ahemm. . . Hello nairalanders,i’m dekatron. I got admitted to study ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING AT A FEDERAL UNIVERSITY.

Today marks a great/significant day for me.

So,pardon my amateur writing/compilation. I wanted to make today special by opening a thread.
My OS is tosyne-emusdroid version 4.4.1. Lol . Here goes the list:

(1). The babes catcher: what i observed was that this category always come to the theater and start askin silly questions,FROM GIRLS: sorry,is this ETF?(The niggur could see it o) lol

(2). The perf./jewelry flaunters: these ones will oppress you with perfumes. The neck chain na die,and the way they smell,you will get angry at poverty.(i saw a chaib,and i know say d tin 4 cost more dan my p-man’s car)

(3). The mancho men: they will always wear short top/body hugs, and pencil with dark shades. The beards will be so much that you will start wondering if they were ADEKUNLE CIROMA,who takes WAEC every year. To even say BROS go hard you.

(4). The ‘PHONETICIANS’ : you will see them talking as if okijajuju(lol) use their voice for control ritual. THEY WILL BE LIKE: SORRY,is this LT-1? SORRT,ARE YOU IN S.E.E.T? sorry,is the seat taken? . Everything will start with: SORRY. them no dey tire-90% are FEMALE.

(4). The gadget freak: as he is toying with his samsung galaxy, he is playing games on his HUAWEI,and Pinging on his TECNO.some these guys are ambient-they may chase babes,or be lost in their gadgets.(i hid my NOKUA ASHA SMARTPHONE,na den i no say my ASHA NA DULLARD,na him e be

(5). The ‘AJEBOTISHS’: I so much love seeing’em,ladies though(they are pleasing to d eyes). I was watching the lil money i brought wit me,na so i saw this babe blowing almost the same amount on unfinished drinks/snacks. Thonder fire poverty.

(6). The undecided: This consist of dudes that dont know what they want. They would be undecided from chatting up a babe to buying of drinks or not. (i fall into this category,nt that its hard to chat’em up-i did chat one up today,neva collected her no, i jst dnt wanna get involved with any for now– i even knw lotta of dem hot babes from home,no biggie). You will see them soliloquising in the way.(these niggas are either stingy,or nerds,geeks)

(7). The couple: i was wowed when i saw big niggas with them babes,i been wan go chase babe,na so my MALE(MUM) words completed a 6700 pulse beat per sec on my head. These group will make you jealous-always giggling and performing PDA. My close goon is guilty. You go see them going from lecture theater to chicken republic to ATMs(poverty na baashkhardt).

(cool. The comedians: they will always crack you up,even wen the lecturer is lecturing. You will wonder if them no get work,yet u will laugh.

(9). The leaders: awon eleyi (these ones), they will be the first to volunteer to help the lecturer sell his hand outs,clean the board(yeye eye service).

(10). The geeks: these ones will always talk,even when lecturer self dey confuse. I do wonder if them dey cheat ni(mtcheew,after all,dem no dey carry first fo UNIVERSITY).

These are 100% my observations. Even if u are not interested in the above,please just wish me goodluck,cos today, I HAD MY FIRST LECTURE IN THE UNIVERSITY!!!!!


big things coming in small packages-phyno.

Yay!!i had my first ever lecture.

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