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Love in limbo in rebel-held east Ukraine

Donetsk (Ukraine) (AFP) – When Alla Syrovatskaya’s boyfriend of some two years proposed to her she immediately began planning her autumn wedding, the traditional ceremony she dreamt of and the dress she always wanted. But what the petite shop assistant couldn’t possibly envision was the Russian-backed rebellion that came a few months later, plunging her […]

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How to Make Wise Decisions in Marriage

Today we have a guest post from Dr. Greg Smalley from the Smalley Relationship Center. Greg has great insight on how to make wise decisions in your marriage. I’m listening and taking notes! If you’d like to follow Greg, you can find him on Facebook. All couples will face making decisions during their married life. […]

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Montana woman gives birth to identical triplets

A Montana woman gave birth to a set of identical triplet boys in early December, a rare occurrence— especially without the aid of fertility drugs, reported the Billings Gazette. Jase and Jody Kinsey of Miles City, Montana, welcomed their boys—identical spontaneous triplets— on Dec.5.  Identical spontaneous triplets occur after one egg is fertilized and divides […]

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Jesus’ 6-Step Strategy for Resolving Conflict by Charles Stone

Conflict is unavoidable in relationships. Conflict isn’t necessarily sinful or destructive, but it can be depending on what we do with it. Jesus outlines a clear, specific, and workable process in Matthew 18. And, we simply can’t improve on what Jesus says. I’ve summarized into a 6-step process the essence of what I believe Matthew 18 teaches us. Before […]

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