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7 Foods to Remove From the Fridge Forever

7 Foods to Remove From the Fridge Forever-The first step in eating better is exactly the same as the first step in dressing better: Go home and toss out the stuff that doesn’t make you look good.

Most of us have closets filled with poorly fitting, out-of-style clothes we cling to. And most of us have kitchens that are crowded with junk—foods that seem healthy, but don’t pull their weight. And they’re making you gain weight, elbowing out healthier products that ought to be there.

So the next step in your weight-loss quest is easy: Stop filling the pantry with these nutritional slackers. And start with the fish. Click for our special Eat This, Not That! report aboutHow Tilapia is Worse Than Bacon.

And learn exactly which foods to eat—and lose up to 16 pounds in 14 days—with the new book Zero Belly Diet. Here are a few tips:



If you think these flimsy blankets of carbohydrates are better for you than bread, you’re not alone; they’re so thin and harmless looking! But wraps are easy to roll because they’re often loaded with oils to make them pliable. A Mission Multi-Grain wrap, for example, starts your sandwich off with 210 calories, before you add even a bite of meat.

Eat This Instead: Restock your shelves with whole grain, high fructose corn syrup-free bread like Pepperidge Farm 15 Grain. Or if you really want a wrap, grab our go-to: La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious SoftWraps MultiGrain. You’ll save 130 calories if you swap it in for the Mission wrap—that’s enough to drop more than 12 pounds this year!

Don’t be duped by false nutrition claims! Discover the truth about kale, eggs and “healthy” carbs—everything you need to know to eat right for weight loss—with 21 Nutrition Myths—Busted!


Grandma’s Jam

We want to believe that jar of overpriced spread we bought at Ye Olde Gift Shoppe has some health benefits. It’s made from black raspberries! And it cost 7 freakin’ dollars! But in the end it’s just some chunks of fruit smothered in sugar and juice. Two tablespoons carry nearly 20 grams of sugar; you’d get less if you made a sandwich with a dozen Nilla Wafers jammed inside.

Eat This Instead: You can get almost the same flavor and texture by mashing up blackberries, raspberries or slices of banana and spreading them on your sandwich—¼ cup of blackberries is just 15 calories, while the same amount of blackberry jam is 120. Saving 105 calories every day is enough to lose nearly a pound a month! (And certain colored berries help you lose weight; this study reveals the 5 Best Fruits For Fat Loss.) If you’re really stuck on the spread, look for a jar that boasts more fruit than refined sugar, such as Polaner All Fruit with Fiber Black Cherry or Smucker’s Simply Fruit Orange Marmalade Spreadable Fruit.


Canned Vegetables

Whaaaat!?? Most of us eat only about 1/3 of our daily recommended intake of vegetables, so you may be surprised to hear us knock any form of produce. But while fresh vegetables may be critical in lowering your blood pressure, canned vegetables can raise it significantly. And it’s not just because canned goods have added salt. Many food cans are lined with BPA, a plastic-based chemical that was originally invented as a form of estrogen therapy; the chemical leaches into foods, including canned vegetables. (You can check the manufacturer’s website to see which ones.) A new study found that consuming food stored in BPA-lined containers raises blood pressure almost immediately upon serving.


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