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Christian Couple Buried Alive in ‘Brutal and Barbaric’ Mob Attack

Christians Shazad Masih and his wife, Shamba Bibi, were burned alive by a Pakistani mob after reportedly burning pages of the Quran. (YouTube) A lawyer for the state of Punjab, Pakistan has described the murder of a Christian couple by a mob of at least 500 to 600 as “brutal and barbaric.” The post-mortem report […]

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Nigerian University Where Students Defecate In The Open

Dr Ugoji Ebujo Widespread anomie prevalent in Nigeria, occasioned by a virtual dilapidation of the societal ethical and moral framework, has literally squelched any social appetite for comparative sociological analysis of any segment of the Nigerian society and a corresponding segment of any foreign country even if that country is Somalia . Any such study […]

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5 Unprofessional Behaviors That You Might Just Be Guilty Of

  What does it mean to be a professional? Some say signs of a professional include standing up straight, looking the part, speaking with authority, or a firm hand shake. Although those are all behaviors and characteristics that can help you out in the workplace, professionalism is so much more than that. A publication by […]

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