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SWEET POTATO: 5 Facts About Its Consumption

Sweet potatoes are a delicious treat that has lots of health benefits. The sweet potato is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the family Convolvulaceae. It’s large, starchy, sweet-tasting, has tuberous roots and is a root vegetable. The young leaves and shoots are sometimes eaten as greens. Sweet potatoes come in many shapes and colors […]

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7 Disturbing Realities About Teen ‘Sexting’ Trend

Research studies reveal that 40 percent of teenagers have posted or sent sexually provocative messages. (CharismaNews file) You’re sitting in the Publix parking lot at dusk and notice the unsupervised 12-year-old riveted to his iPhone with his wide-eyed friend looking on. Walking through the mall you see three teen girls seemingly oblivious to surroundings as […]

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9 Financial Concepts Every Functioning Adult Should Know

When you’re the one in charge of your money, it’s best to have some understanding of basic financial concepts. But where to start?  Save some Googling with this list of what to know about money by age 30, created with the help of certified financial planner Mary Beth Storjohann, founder of Workable Wealth. 1. Net worth “Your net worth is a […]

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The Obama Family’s Best Snaps of the Year

Over the years, Malia and Sasha Obama have grown up before our eyes, and this year, the first daughters made several sweet appearances with President Barack Obama and the first lady. In March, Michelle brought her girls overseas to China as part of an official visit, and in August, the family vacationed in Martha’s Vineyard. Meanwhile, Mr. and […]

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