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World’s Oldest Married Couple Celebrate Joint Birthdays

Does eternal love guarantee eternal life? Nobody knows for sure but Karam Chand, 109 years, and his wife Kartari, 102, probably know the answer. The inspiring golden oldies have eight children, 27 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. Both husband and wife were born in November and have celebrated their joint birthdays this weekend. The event was attended by four […]

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The Reasons For Infidelity

– Pastor Bisi Adewale It is the dream of every woman to have her husband makes love to her alone. Not only for a week, a month or even a year but for a lifetime. It is however sad that many Christian women are not enjoying this. Some men are unfaithful to their spouses and […]

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Master Bedroom Syndrome (MBS)

Have you heard about it? Do you know what it is? When I checked my current edition of the doctor’s dictionary, it wasn’t there yet. It will probably be in the next one, if we push hard enough. At least maybe the Nigerian edition (laugh). So what has Master Bedroom Syndrome (MBS) got to do […]

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