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Great parents

Adeh jones

A nigerian proverb says “greeting is not costly, nor will it ever finish”. Against this back drop, permit me to keep on saying ‘hi’ any time we meet on this platform.
In my years of working as a family and parenting coach, i’ve come to the conclusion that we have good parents everywhere, after all no parent will mean bad for his children.
But we live in a time whereby good parents are not enough but great parents. Lets look at some of the characteristic that makes one a great parent.
(1) giving birth is not eough, but fulfilling your responsibility. Great parents are prepared, and ready to give all it takes.
(2) provision is not enough. Good parents struggle to provide for their home, but great parents dont only provide for their home, they create and spend time with their children. They try to know if their children have one issue or the other, lastly they make their home their priority not their jobs.
(3) good parents parent using intuition and experience, while great parents learn, and invest into parenting literacy. They understand that parenting methodologies change always, hence the need to avoid being left behind.
(4) good parents make academic excellence a priority, while great parents makes values(spiritual, moral, social etc) their priority. Their main aim is to see their children grow up to be responsible, reliable, and independent adults.
(5) good parents use authority and fear to crave obedience and respect, while great parents use the instrument of love. Their children are not scared of them. Parents whose relationship with their children does not stop after university or marriage, but till death do them part.
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