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Eye exercises to improve vision

The number of people wearing glasses to correct their vision is increasing every year because of their inability to clearly see near objects (farsightedness) or distant objects (nearsightedness). Moreover, as people age, they also lose flexibility of their vision, making them less able to see objects that are nearby. Aging and modern technologies are two […]

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9 C’s That Can Kill a Marriage

Susan and I have watched, with admiration, marriages of friends that have lasted for decades, including those that have experienced great trials. We’ve also watched, with heartache, marriages that have died. I’m grateful for my 25 years of marriage to Susan, but I can tell you that we’ve had our struggles and we have both had to […]

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Finding the Fun

Joyce meyer Want to hear a funny story? I’ve got a lot of them, and they come from things that happened in my ordinary, everyday life. Now, I wasn’t laughing when those stories were in the making, but I’m glad I can laugh about them now. For example, I didn’t think it was funny when […]

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