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4 Kinds of Mate in Marriage

couples’ classification based on intimacy in their marriage Fight Mates. These are couples that see themselves as enemies. They have fought so much to the extent that they are now separated from each other but not legally divorced. Anytime they come together for any reason, they continue their strife and bickering. Cell Mates. These couples […]

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Church of England says yes to women bishops

LONDON (AP) — The Church of England ended one of its longest and most divisive disputes Monday with an overwhelming vote in favor of allowing women to become bishops. The church’s national assembly, known as the General Synod, voted for the historic measure, reaching the required two-thirds majority in each of its three different houses. […]

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Don’t Forget to Eat the Peel

Most of us toss fruit peels in the trash, because what else are you going to do with them? Eat them! It turns out they’re not just edible, but the skin and rind of some fruits is actually loaded with fantastic beauty and health benefits. Kimberly Snyder, celebrity nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Foods, […]

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