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Nigerian Teenager Kill Brother & Beat Mother To Coma In New York

An 18-year-old Nigerian man who is based in Long Island, New York, was arrested over the weekend for killing his 15-year-old brother and beating his mother into a coma. The man, Charles Okonkwo Jr., 18,a mentally unstable teenager. He has been charged for assaulting his mother, Chinwe Okonkwo, however; he is yet to be charged […]

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Easy Ways To Settle A Dispute

1.​  See your own part of it: -Never lay the blame on your spouse or exonerate yourself. It takes two to tango. 2.​  Take responsibility for the state of your home. 3.​  Listen to your Partner:  Let your partner talk freely, let him or her talk without intimidation, just listen. 4.​  Respond positively:  No defense, […]

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