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How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home

–Barrett Johnson ( How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home-Every imperfect and normal family wants their kids to turn out right. So, we establish goals for character development and try to create an environment where our kids can mature. Church, school, sports teams, family relationships … each of these provides a context […]

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4 of the Most Expensive Abnormal Addictions

When the topic of addiction comes up, most people think about addictions to substances, like alcohol addictions or cigarette smoking. This is no surprise considering the 14 million Americans who suffer from alcoholism and the more than 42 million smokers in the United States. Addictions come with an associated cost. Of course, there are health and social implications, but […]

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How to Protect Your Marriage from Evil Buyers

–      Develop a close relationship with God –      Build intimacy with your spouse –      Be prayerful –      Improve yourself. Keep on developing yourself, become a better wife, if you are not current; you will not be correct. –      Develop good and godly character –      Never be careless –      Be watchful –      Be homely. –      Dress […]

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