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Woman Cares More about car than Child

In 2006, Stamford resident Guita Sazan Silverstein made the incredible decision to leave her two-year-old son in her car on a hot summer day while she did some shopping –When she returned, she was horrified to discover that she had locked herself out of the car and couldn’t get in. With the temperature at 88 degrees, her child was at serious risk of heat stroke.

When the fire-fighters arrived, they informed Silverstein that in order to get her son out quickly, they would need to break one of the car windows. Silverstein, understanding the urgency and severity of the situation, heroically said no.

Silverstein didn’t want firefighters to damage her 1999 Audi, but she understood that her son needed to get out of the car, so she came up with a compromise: get another car to drive over a mile to her home to get her spare set of keys. Keep in mind that her son had been in the hot car for 15 to 20 minutes at this point.

In her defense, Audis are pretty sweet cars.

After she borrowed a car to drive home, the firefighters ignored her wishes and broke the window anyway because a life was at stake. The two-year-old boy was initially unresponsive, but thankfully recovered fully. When Silverstein returned, she was placed under arrest for reckless endangerment and risk of injury to a minor.

Silverstein claimed that the reason she didn’t want the window broken was that she was worried that the glass would hurt her son. You know, because she just then at that exact moment started worrying about his safety.
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