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Are You A Mother Or A Murderer?

Yomi Adewale

The news spread like flame, a woman killed her child for crying too much, what a pity, the destiny of a wonderful child was cut short just like that because of anger of a murderer who called herself a mother.
Many beautiful lives have been murdered by those who are meant to mould it for the best. I know many people are not happy with the attitude of this mother who killed her own child, you wonder why she did not remember the pain and labour of carrying the baby for months in the womb and even the effort put in nurturing the baby.

Do you know that lots of mothers are killing their children, this may not be physically but killing them in different ways, for example:

  •   Where a mother refuses to give her life to Christ and by in turn never preach Jesus to her children, she is killing the children spiritually. When your house is dominated and ruled by worldliness – worldly movies, songs, dresses, speeches and all sort of ungodly things, you are indirectly putting to death all spiritual activities. It’s a pity that many mothers are not ready to handover their lives and that of their children to the hand of Almighty God who alone can see them through. Mothers don’t just be concern about physical growth of your children alone, pay attention to their spiritual life so that they can give you peace and make you happy.
  •   When you fail to train a child the way he should go Proverbs 22:6, there is trouble at hand already because they will pick wrong things from friends, media and society at large.
  •   A mother that says negative things into children lives, she is killing the future of those children, making negative pronouncement and raining curses on your children only shows that you are a murderer.
  •   When a mother does not give the children balance diet, giving children junks at all times only shows that she is killing their health. A good mother should have knowledge about nutrition.
  •    A mother who does not care about the totality of her children, she is concerned about her job only, she does not look into the affairs of her home, the housemaid has taken over completely, the children are at the mercy of maid and neighbors. She is not always available, children cannot talk to her and she does not spend time with them though she gives them toils but not her attention. Ask her what does she use her time on? only on her job, visiting friends and going for parties, such mothers are not qualified for motherhood, they are MURDERERS.

Proverbs 31:28
Her Children arise up and call her BLESSED; her husband also and he praises her

Motherhood is an office that does not happen by accident, you must prepare yourself for it.  Are you the true mother we are looking for?
If you are guilty of all the things we mentioned above, then you need to cry out to God for help and ask for the required ability needed to be successful as a mother. God needs to release the strength and grace upon every sister so that we will not be full of regret.  Motherhood has no retirement age.
A mother is a good teacher. “A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish man despiseth his mother”. Prov. 15:20

M– Moulder-They create, modify, build, act with maturity, motivates, lives a moderate life. This is possible because of the relationship with the Lord.
O– Organized
T– Teachable
H– Hospitable
E– Excellent
R– Resilience (Hardworking).

If you are not a MOTHER, then you are a MURDERER
M– Minus (Reproach to the children even her husband)
U– Uncontrollable
R– Rebellion
D– Destroyer
E– Edacity (Extremely Gluttony)
R– Retardation
E– Embarrassment
R– Retaliator (Revenger)


Yomi Adewale

A marriage counsellor, teacher of the word, a senior lecturer and Director of studies at college of marriage success, Vice President of Family Booster Ministries International
A chartered accountant and tax practitioner
Co-coordinator of Terrific Sisters Fellowship, an  arm of Family Booster Min Int’l
Author of 21 secrets of Great Wives and co-authors of many books with my husband
CEO PIC Consulting.



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