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Bible Based Marriage

Bisi Adewale

Bible based marriage is based on biblical principles. It follows divine ordinance makes people involved happy continually. It gives room for good and godly parenting, eliminate the works of the devil in marriage thus satisfying God.
It involves the following:
a. It is rooted on God’s word: God is involved in the choice making process; with prayer and divine direction as the major determinants, it involves pure courtship, glorious wedding and happy marriage.
b. Headship of the Husband: Husband is the head. He is a leader not a boss, a husband not a horseman and the head not the headache. Here, husband knows that he is just the ‘figurehead’, the true head is God himself. Hence, he is careful to do everything in the fear of the Lord, not lording it over the wife.
c: Wife as the subhead: The wife is ready to submit in reverence to God . However, she obeys, and worships her husband.
d: Loving Husband: The husband is a lover, loving the wife as Christ loves the church.
e. Communication: There is positive communication in such marriage.
f. Coordination: Husband has the final say but the wife is given the opportunity of influencing his decisions.They are properly coordinated
g. Non interference: Third parties (children, in-laws, friends) are not given opportunity of coming between them
h. Laughter: There is humour and laughter in the home. A marriage without humour is like a car without bumper thereby looking very ugly.
i. Prayer: Family altar and bible study are common observances. They do not play with their prayer life.
j. Romance: There is constant romance in the marriage
k. Togetherness: Oneness, togetherness and unity are in the house of any bible based marriage.
l. Integration: In a Bible based marriage, men bring joy and stabilize the family while the women (the hearts of the family) have herald in peace, tranquility and comfort.

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