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Army rewards woman for returning N54,000 to owner

The 2 Division of Nigerian Army, Odogbo, Ibadan, last week Monday, rewarded Mrs Bimbola Makinde for returning the N54,000 she found to the owner. According to reports, the money belonged to a soldier in the division, Lance Corporal Mohammed Suleiman, with service number 96NA/42/6475. Makinde is a member of staff of Jericho Nursing Home in […]

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Wrong reasons for Singles going into relationships – Part 1

Many singles start a relationship for wrong reasons and if the foundation of a relationship is wrong, then the union can never be right. Many couples today are going through silent frustrations, because they married for the wrong reason only to face reality after marriage. One of the advantages of being single is that- .you […]

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Signs Of Deformed Families

Deformed families exhibit the following God is not recognized in the home as the head. Wives are not submissive to their husbands. Husbands are bully, wicked and difficult. They lord over their wives, beat the woman they married and make things difficult at home. Children are not being led in the way of the Lord. […]

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Success 101 (E-course Day 20) Correction

IF YOU HATE CORRECTION, YOU HAVE MADE COVENANT WITH DESTRUCTION. “Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, BUT HE WHO HATES CORRECTION IS STUPID”. (Prov. 12:1). “……He who hates correction will die” (Prov. 12:1 “……He who receives correction is prudent” (Prov. 15:5) “……..Poverty and shame will come to him who disdains correction, but he who regards a […]

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Late MKO Abiola’s Daughter, Tundun Abiola Converts To Christianity

Tundun Abiola, daughter of Late MKO Abiola who was married to Atama Shaka Atta before their marriage collapsed has converted to Christianity. She has also dropped her Muslim name Hawa, and now bears Victoria. Sources claim the conversion happened after Tundun and her ex-husband, Atama parted ways. The couple got separated last year after three […]

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