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NNPC / Chevron National University Scholarship Awards 2014/ 2015

Chevron Nigeria, in collaboration with its Joint Venture partner, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), is offering a number of University Scholarship Awards to suitably qualified Nigerian students. 2014/ 2015 NNPC / CHEVRON NATIONAL UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Requirements / Eligibility E-applications are invited from full-time SECOND YEAR (200 LEVEL) degree students of the under-listed courses, […]

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Japan’s New Smart Bra Will Only Unhook Itself For True Love

                                                                                                         by braimahjak Everyone laughed last year when Microsoft announced plans to release a “smart bra” that would detect emotions. Now, though, the mecha-bras are upon us, and we’ve got Japan—who else?—to thank. Dubbed the “True Love Tester,” Japan’s first foray into the budding smart bra industry comes from Ravijour. What makes it “smart” is […]

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10 Questions Husbands Should Ask Their Wives Every Year

The best remedy for marriage conflict is marriage communication. Disagreements, fights, impasses, separations and divorce can be traced back to poor communication more than any other factor. Likewise, listening amounts to some of the best relationship medicine around. Listening works best when we ask good questions. Good questions indicate bonafide concern. The man who asks […]

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